Download this free report to get a better understand of how polymer grade propylene (PGP) is priced, and why it's a crucial part of many supply chains. 
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You understand that PGP is important, but you might not fully appreciate just how crucial a component this one price is for so many refiners, petchem industry and the manufacturing industry at-large. 

In this free report publish by OPIS PetroChem Wire's Julia Giordano, you'll get answers to questions including: 

  • What exactly is propylene?
  • How is PGP produced?
  • How many different ways can PGP priced?
  • What are the pricing methods for PGP?
  • Why is PGP pricing important?


Julia Giordano, Senior Editor, Olefins

Julia joined the OPIS PetroChem Wire team in 2019 as a Senior Editor covering the daily olefins markets and managing geospatial products. She has a finance background and has experience in the midstream sector working with a range of products including natural gas, NGLs, crude oil and propylene.